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Portable Emergency Ventilator

CWH-2010 is a portable emergency ventilator ideal for ambulance transportation.

Main Features:
Applied for adult and child
With high-intelligent control system
With LCD display for ventilation parameters
Comes with lightweight for transport

Main specification:
Power: 110 to 220V AC , 50 to 60Hz, built-in battery for backup
Gas source: O2
Ventilation mode: IPPV, SIMV, SIGH, SPONT and manual (optional: CPAP, PEEP)
Parameter monitoring: Tidal volume, minute volume, frequency, inhaling time, airway pressure and PEEP (optional: O2 Concentration)
Waveform display: Pressure-time (optional: Flow-time)
Alarm: No tidal volume, minute volume too high (low), airway pressure too high (low), AC power failure, backup battery too low.

Application Adult and pediatric patients for respiratory failure during emergency or transportation in ambulance
Gas source Air or Oxygen

Ventilation mode

Tidal volume 0~1500ml
I:E 3:1~1:5
Breathing rate 4~99/min,4~65 under SIMV
FiO2 48%~100%

Pressure trigger

Monitoring parameters Vt,Mv,Breathing rate,Airway pressure
Alarms No Vt,MV too high(low),Airway pressure too high(low),AC power off,back-up battery below voltage,
Power AC 220V/50Hz,built-in battery
Basic configuration main unit,oxygen cylinder 3L,silicon mask/circuit and other accessories