Range of application

  1. Hospitals, laboratories, research institutions, quarantine and epidemic prevention mechanism, breeding slaughter, zoo, border customs, station terminal, tourist sites, Mint, confidential units;
  2. Expired drugs, confiscated goods, fake and shoddy goods handling collection.
  3. At the same time can handle small amounts of other liquid wastes such as waste oil, waste so ent
  4. Applied to other food, packaging, pharmaceutical, chemical, machinery industry and other waste treatment.


  1. processing waste a wide range, strong adaptability.
  2. According to the principle of  three T design of incineration (temperature, time, vortex).
  3. furnace special supplemental oxygen process, oxygen supply uniform, burning speed, fuel saving.
  4. burner imported parts, low failure rate, maintenanc.
  5. Special gas swirl design, ensure the organic matter oxidation reaction time greater than 2 seconds
  6. Incineration temperature Max1150 ℃, the removal rate of organic matter 99.9%
  7. Flue gas high temperature oxidation treatment for the two time, to do a thorough clean, smokeless, odorless, no two harm.
  8. Furnace body of refractory material selection of high alumina wear-resistant acid materials casting, temperature Max1790 ℃.
  9. Thickening of refractory thermal insulation, can save fuel, temperature fluctuation is small, precise temperature control
  10. Simple operation, stable performance, no need for professional management.
  11. Reasonable design, compact structure, small occupied area, investment saving, low maintenance cost.
  12. Long service life, subjective life of 5-8 years, and within a year almost free of maintenance expenditure.