MC550  is an Automatic Coagulation Analyzer that runs on an Android system with visual operating interface and Accepts multiple samples types, is easy to operate and comes with APPTT correction testing.


  • APTT correction test
  • Multiple type of sample: Venous, whole blood, plasma
  • Rapid detection and good repeatability
  • Easy to operate, compact and flexible
  • Small package detection


Test Principle Optical solidification method, colored substrate method, immunoturbidimetry
Test Parameters PT, APTT, FIB, TT, DD, AT, FDP, ACT, Anti-Xa, ect.
Sample Types Whole blood, plasma
Reagent Position 20
Test Position 36
Reaction Temperature 37±0.5℃
Test Speed PT≥210Ts/h
Light Source LED,with multiple wavelength detection
Communication Direct external printer,LIS system,with user-defined report
Operating System Android system with visual operating interface
Calibration System Automatic multi-point calibration with intelligent calibration curve generation and manual calibration
Barcode Recognition Support reagent, disc (reaction cuvette), sample scanning (optional)
Data Storage Solidification reaction curve with storage display, >10000 tests
Data Interface 2 USB interfaces, 1 RS232 serial port and 1 LAN interface
Size 270mm*180mm*155mm